servizi di trasporto

All-round care

Your experience with Becosped is complemented by many extra services

Services by land

We are able to manage the transport of dangerous goods thanks to a team of trained and qualified professionals.

servizi di trasporto adr

Economic competitiveness is one of Becosped’s strengths, and this also also involves seeking out the most advantageous insurance solution.

servizi di trasporto consulenza assicurativa

We respond to all your import and export needs, always looking for the most efficient and economic solution.

servizi di trasporto doganali

To facilitate your transport experience and offer you an all-round service, Becosped takes care of the Intrastat declaration for you.

servizi di trasporto Presentazione Intrastat

We design and carry out transport for national and international fairs, ensuring the utmost care for the goods.

servizi di trasporto - allestimento fiere

We transport goods and artifacts with excessive weight and size with suitable vehicles and experienced drivers who are prepared for complex and special interventions.

servizi di trasporto - carichi ecezionali

Our vehicles are equipped to guarantee the protection of the product’s quality at every stage of transport. From collection to delivery, including for international trips.

servizi di trasporto - edi integration

We stay in touch with partners and customers using the most sophisticated and up-to-date operating systems, including the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system, to provide all the information you want in your preferred way.

servizi di trasporto - edi integration

We offer you shipping and cost reporting and provide billing data in any format you like.

servizi di trasporto - reportistica

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